Supply Chain Impact

Posted by PIA Product team on Mar 11th 2020

As of this publish date, news of the Coronavirus intensifies, while confusion and questions seem to be mounting from a medical perspective. Much like SARS, MERS, and even Ebola, time will tell how th … read more

​Why Incentives Are Important

Posted by PIA Product team on Jan 31st 2020

Incentives to your customers, clients and staff are so important, but unfortunately often overlooked. Over a two part series, we’re going to examine how this impacts business operations across our Pr … read more

A PIA Products Reflection On 2019

Posted by PIA Product team on Jan 15th 2020

A Look Back On 2019We’re two weeks into the New Year, so welcome to 2020, whether you are ready or not! As we enter this new month, this new calendar year, this new decade, we want to take a quick m … read more

​Adult Prizes & Redemption

Posted by PIA Product team on Dec 7th 2019

“Redemption Centers are no longer catering solely to children!” That was a frequent theme echoing the aisles and seminars of the 2019 IAAPA EXPO held recently in Orlando, FL. In the 1950’s and 60 … read more

Value vs Cost

Posted by PIA Product team on Nov 1st 2019

We’ve heard and seen people using the terms Value and Cost interchangeably. So what’s the difference? In a literal sense, this goes back to our school days. So let's see who remembers and was a … read more