Inventory Shortages - Bridge the Gap?

Posted by PIA Product team on Aug 25th 2021

Inventory Shortages - Bridge the Gap?In our March 2020 Blog, prior to the Coronavirus shutdown we discussed Supply Chain Impact. Covd-19 has impacted all of us in one way or the other. At that time, … read more

​4 Quick Tips for an Effective Prize Presentation

Posted by PIA Product team on Aug 4th 2020

Now more than ever, a large component of an Amusement Facilities success is dependent upon the overall value of the experience provided. Service, safety, and merchandising or prize selection provided … read more

​Why Incentives Are Important ~ Part 2

Posted by PIA Product team on Jun 29th 2020

As you may recall from our January blog, we discussed how incentives to your customers, clients and staff are so important, but unfortunately often overlooked. The goal was to examine how this impact … read more

​PIA Products & Covid-19 Actions

Posted by PIA Product team on Jun 3rd 2020

Another month has passed and Shelter in Place, Stay at Home, and Quarantine requirements are slowly expiring. The journey on the road to economic recovery and increased social interaction has begun. … read more